Information about GECOS

The Multidisciplinary Institute for Enterprise (IME) has a Unit of Excellence, ‘Economic Management for Sustainability’ (GECOS), recognized by the Regional Government. This is the only Unit of Excellence in the autonomous region in the area of Social Sciences (and one of the few in Spain). The objective of GECOS is to promote the research excellence of the members of the unit, through the incorporation to the same of candidates with the abilities and the initiative to develop high quality research.

The priority line of research of the GECOS Excellence Unit is to study how economic management for sustainability can create value in companies, and through them throughout society. According to the idea that the name of the Multidisciplinary Institute for Enterprise (IME) suggests, we have created a research group (GECOS) with which we intend to give an interdisciplinary approach to our research. The aim is to deal with the major challenges facing society, linking the economic management of organizations with the environment and social welfare. In this way we can deal with the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

If you are interested in joining a high-level research team and can contribute to it by providing a distinctive and complementary approach, we have a place for you in the IME. Currently, there is open a calls to access the IME. The IME offers a contract for an excellent researcher, with an annual duration that can be extended up to 4 years. See the following documents:

Informative note

Call for the contract

Additional information

Application document (This document should be in Spanish, any doubt send an email to

The IME as a whole develops several lines of research with which to obtain solutions to the problems posed by institutions and companies from different perspectives, given their multidisciplinary nature. Below are the research lines that the IME is developing. For any questions, please contact us.


At the date of publication of the aid by the Junta de Castilla y León, the GECOS researchers, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Beatriz Cuadrado Ballestero
  • Rocío de Andrés Calle
  • Jesús Galende del Canto
  • Isabel Gallego Álvarez
  • Isabel María García Sánchez
  • Álvaro Garrido Morgado
  • Javier González Benito
  • Óscar  González Benito
  • Carmen González-Zapatero Redondo
  • Rosa María Hernández Maestro
  • María  Hidalgo Baz
  • Eva Lahuerta Otero
  • Gustavo Lannelongue Nieto
  • María Belén Lozano García
  • Jennifer Martínez Ferrero
  • María Mercedes Martos Partal
  • Pablo Antonio Muñoz Gallego
  • Lucía Muñóz Pascual
  • Carlos Dionisio Pérez Blanco
  • Javier Perote Peña
  • Julio Pindado García
  • Ignacio Requejo Puerto
  • Jose Carlos Rodriguez Alcantud
  • Isabel Suárez González

Scheduled activities