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Who is Global MBA addresed to?

Newly graduated without much work experience who wish to study an MBA in Business Administration, with international approach, which gives the possibility of pursuing subjects in English or in Spanish. We live in an increasingly globalised world that makes it necessary to train professionals so that companies can start doing business with other international enterprises or institutions. Good communication is the best tool to promote internationalization of companies.  Being able to communicate effectively can make the difference between gaining and losing business opportunities. Therefore, we believe that acquiring excellent training in global business management is very important.


Areas of specialisation

The Global MBA (GMBA) enables the students to deepen into international business administration according to business demand. At the same time, students have the opportunity to work as trainees in the area that better matches their background and preferences. Therefore we offer six areas of specialisation, being International Trade the one with the highest percentage of subjects in English (80%).

Especialidades GMBA


To teach global business
administration with a
 theoretical and practical approach


To provide students with
support tools to make decisions regarding international businesses



To teach students about teamwork
so they learn how to take the leading role and interact with their

To provide analysis tools to assess problems and situations for
subsequent decision-making in international contexts


To encourage students to
develop management skills, such as leadership, conflict resolution, emotional
intelligence, activity planning, stress management and negotiation


provide students with guidelines for establishing and developing a new

train students how to submit accounts to a CEO and justify, as managers, the
positive or negative results obtained and the business planning

To provide students with guidelines for identifying, assessing
and developing international projects



The Global MBA is adapted to the European Higher Education Area and has a teaching load of 60 ECTS credits. ECTS credits measure the average study hours that students must dedicate to the GMBA. As a reference for an average student, each ECTS credit would involve 25 study hours (including all sorts of activities).

Content English

Teaching Team

The perfect combination between professors from the University of Salamanca and business executives!

Profesores GMBA

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